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The ocn level 3 commercial clipping and styling has no pre req except you must complete a course of training at an assessment centre and will be assessed during and at the end of the course. There is a fastrack option for exsisting groomers.

Students must complete ongoing workbook/diary of evidence of training and then complete 5 practical assessments

- breed standard

-  short legged terrier trim with round head

- long legged terrier/schnauzer trim

- spaniel trim, poodle lamb trim

- x breed and commercial trim

Practical assessment on equiptment maintance, booking in a new client and their dog including completing record card/signed authority for grooming and several written assessments to cover the above, plus health and welfare, parasites and diseases, health and safety, business and salon management and must also complete pet cpcr and first aid.

You may complete this, then just do an add-on Handstrip Unit within 3 years registration to complete the advanced certification.

The ocn advanced level 3 has no pre req.  You must complete an advanced course of training at an assessment centre and will be assessed during and at the end of the course. There is a fast-track option for exsisiting groomers. The Advanced is same as above only with assessment of 2 pet handstrips: silky and wire.

The MCG (Master Certified Groomer): you should have completed both of the above and have a min of 12 months full-time industry experience or fast track for existing groomers with no qualifications working in the industry 2 years. For those with no qualifications, an assessment day plus cv and references would be required prior to enrolment.

The MCG: we don't charge should you fail at the first attempt of a practical, and the second attempt is free. Feedback will be given as failure in first attempt seen as learning. You would only be charged on 3rd re-sit if applicable.

Some units may be done via video link eg one clip or or one handstrip module, but two must be seen live.

With the abc awards it has the same units as the C&G dog grooming assessment (plan and carry out styling and finishing etc) plus a range of animal care units and is ongoing work-based assessment and practical assessment for the certificate/diploma.

For more information, please visit the BIGA Member Training Centres page.

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