BIGA's Mission and Core Values

'Mission Statement'

An independent not-for-profit trade association run by members to benefit and support fellow members, raise standards and support the industry as a whole, promote awareness of the benefits of grooming to the general public and affiliated pet care professionals.

'Core Values'

The aim of BIGA is to support its members in positive ways – to reinforce each other within the community with helpful and constructive professional support. BIGA is created by and for its members. It's not about trying to tell you how to run your business - you've got your own character and skills and personal touches for that. However, by taking up membership in BIGA, you subscribe to BIGA's Core Values and its professional Code of Conduct.

These are BIGA’s CORE VALUES and underpin our Code of Conduct.

'Code of Conduct'

Animal Care and Welfare - pet safety, health and welfare comes first. Members will ensure best practice in their business to ensure the highest standards in safety, security, handling, well-being.

Support - members agree to support each other. This means that members agree they will not actively solicit the clientele of other association members or engage in activities that bring BIGA into disrepute. Instead, members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of other members and, ultimately, for pet owners and their pets.

Equality - BIGA members will not discrimate against other association members or members of the public on any basis, including but not limited to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical needs or appearance, training and experience or levels of qualification.

Inclusion - BIGA welcomes all members regardless of background, experience, qualified or unqualified, starting-out or recently retired or even if you're an active member within other similar associations. BIGA is a positive enterprise that encourages and welcomes constructive participation from all its members.

Advice - BIGA is a platform for the constructive interaction and sharing of advice among its members and to the general pet owner. This isn't just about benefitting us all in our careers and businesses, it's ultimately about raising awareness and standards that will benefit pet owners and their pets.

Communication - BIGA members are encouraged to communicate between each other but also to the general pet owning public. The outcome of this is better informed pet care professionals and pet owners. This is a good thing for our pets.

Fairness - BIGA members will treat other association members as well as their customers and general pet owners as they themselves would like to be treated: with fairness and professional courtesy at all times.

Education - BIGA promotes education, training, ongoing learning and professional qualification. We also recognise that the School of Life and Experience are valuable assets among pet groomers and related pet care professionals. Ultimately, Education is about promoting and sharing best practice, our skills and talents with each other and general pet owners to ensure the highest standards in pet care and customer service.

Professionalism - BIGA members agree to treat fellow members, their customers, general pet owners and pets in particular, with professional courtesy at all times.

Inspire - BIGA is modern and exciting. It's a grassroots movement. Our members are driven by a passion to do their very best for the animals in their care and the customers they serve. Our behaviours will inspire those around us to share this passion and likewise engage in raising awareness and standards in pet grooming and pet care in general. This is Why BIGA exists. To do the very best we can for the sake of the health, welfare and happiness of all our pets.

The British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA)

A Not-for-Profit Trade Association and Community Support Network

 Registered at St. George‚Äôs House, 14 George Street, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE29 3GH. Reg. No. 10085801

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