BIGA Honorary Members

BIGA is proud to present the following Honorary Members in recognition of their contributions to the professional pet grooming industry in the British Isles. Each Honouree is distinguished by their exceptional commitment to, and generosity in, the sharing of their knowledge and hard-won expertise with other pet grooming professionals. BIGA is indeed humbled and privileged by their acceptance of this accolade and encourages all its members likewise to acknowledge and embrace the humility, expertise and compassion that our Honourees have demonstrated over years of service to their fellow professionals and, above all, the welfare of animals in their care.

If you would like to propose a candidate we may have missed, we'd love to hear from you. The Industry as a whole stands on the shoulders of giants - this is BIGA's effort to ensure recognition of their contributions.

Angela Caley, ICMG – head of International Professional Groomers UK (IPG UK) and ICMG UK

Angela has more than 50 years experience as a professional pet groomer. Some of the highlights of Angela’s distinguished career include the following:

  • 3 x Gold Medallist with the British Dog Grooming Team
  • 2 x Best Global Groomer All American
  • Winner of Intergroom Best International Groomer
  • Awarded British Groomer of the Year by British Dog Groomers Association
  • International dog grooming competition judge

Over the years, Angela has won multiple competitions in the UK and the US. She has trained countless others in professional pet grooming – many of whom went on to win championships themselves. Angela has taught in Hong Kong, France and the UK and delivered workshops, seminars and demonstrations around the world. She was also a successful breeder and has shown Boxers, Poodles, Maltese (with seven Maltese champions) and now the Scottish Terrier.

Angela is now the head of International Professional Groomers UK (ICMG UK) and oversees the examination of candidates aiming to earn the prestigious distinction of ICG or ICMG qualification.

Anita Bax - BIGA Honorary Member

Carole Flatt - BIGA Honorary Member

Diana North - BIGA Honorary Member 

Gill East - BIGA Honorary Member

Linda Forsyth - BIGA Honorary Member

Pam Gee - BIGA Honorary Member

Peter Young - BIGA Honorary Member

Agnes Murphy - BIGA Honorary Member

Colin Taylor - BIGA Honorary Member

International dog grooming legend Colin Taylor is the first to admit grooming man’s best friend is no walk in the park.

“People assume that we play with dogs all day long, but let’s not forget it can be dangerous, we are dealing with a moving object while using tools such as scissors.”

“To be a good pet stylist you first have to have respect for dogs and secondly, you have to be able to handle them well.”

Colin’s canine connection was formed from a very young age whilst he worked in a pet shop in London. Already an avid animal lover he was introduced to the world of pet grooming through a dog groomer who came into his store to buy some nail clippers.

And just like that all his ‘furry’ stars aligned and at 16 years of age he was beginning his grooming career at the London Academy of grooming in 1985.

Young and ‘dog’ keen to add some international flavour to his already impressive dog grooming resume Colin spent the next two years training in Asia at the Hong Kong Doggie House before returning to the United Kingdom to teach at the grooming school he was training at only three years earlier.

Colin was not to stay in the United Kingdom for long though. After impressing crowds with his super sleek scissor skills at the 1989 World Grooming Championship in Windsor, he was headed for the United States where he spent the next 18 years working in prestigious grooming schools and salons across the country.  

Excited to share his international wealth of experience in all things grooming Colin wrote a book titled ‘What Would Colin Do? 101 Situations and Solutions for Every Groomer’, he founded a dog grooming school, the ‘Colin Taylor Academy’ and created his own line of luxury grooming products.

“I decided to participate in POOCH PERFECT because I wanted the pet styling industry put into a positive light and let the general public understand how hard this industry and passion can be,” says Colin.

Renowned for his breed profile trimming, handling and hand scissoring, Colin will be judging the pooch stylists on their “kind handling, attention to detail and a style that suits the dog.”

Today Colin continues to travel the world giving seminars on grooming and judging at grooming conferences. He boasts titles such as certified master groomer in both the United States and United Kingdom, winner of the World Cup Grooming Games and multiple year member of Groom Team USA. Colin's passion is educating fellow pet professionals so they can reach their full potential.

Colin currently resides in the United Kingdom with his dog Jigsaw, and amazing husband Coleman.

Heidi Anderton - BIGA Honorary Member

Heidi Anderton owns and runs Absolutely Animals in Lee, London, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in June 2020.

Heidi has always been an advocate of qualifications and continual professional development as her impressive C.V demonstrates. 

Heidi opened her business in 1995 with help from the Princes’ Youth Business Trust and she is passionate about helping students reach their full potential in the field of animal grooming along with raising the standards across the industry. Heidi also continues to further her professional development by reading, researching, taking exams, along with attending and holding seminars in both dog and cat grooming. She both competes and judges dogs shows here and abroad and has been a multi-award winner, along with twice winning best in show in the dog grooming arena. She has been teaching and assessing dog grooming for more than 15 years and is a founder member of The British Isles Grooming Association. Heidi has an impressive list of qualifications and achievements which include: C&G LCGI, Full Higher Diploma and Guild of Master Groomers, member of Groom Team England , Grooming Director BDGA 2012 to 2014, Grooming School of the Year 2015, Director of BIGA , ICMG Award......and the list goes on !!!

Joanne Angus - BIGA Honorary Member

Joanne has many years experience in dog grooming, having groomed and taught since the 1980's. She is one of the founders of Groom Team England for which she was team co-ordinator for 10 years, is co-author of 'The Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat' and founder member of the Guild of Master Groomers.

Joanne is keen to promote grooming excellence wherever possible, judging grooming competitions and demonstrating at seminars and events throughout the UK. She is a proud member of The Groomers Spotlight promoting qualified groomers and is also a City & Guilds examiner. Joanne is currently part of the trailblazer group working on grooming apprenticeships which will hopefully be available in 2019.


  • City & Guilds 775 Level 3 in Dog Grooming
  • City & Guilds 730 Teaching Certificate
  • City & Guilds 924 Youth Trainers Award
  • City & Guilds Level 2 Technical Competence in Dog Walking
  • City & Guilds Level 4 Licentiateship (LCGI)
  • Pet Care Trade Association Higher Diploma in Grooming


  • Eurogroom Champion
  • Groomer of the Year - 1991 and 2001
  • Runner Up Groomer of the Year - 2011
  • Intergroom USA - Gold Medal
  • Style to Rescue 2018 - Best In Show

Zoe Duffy - BIGA Honorary Member

Zoe Duffy has had an impressive and successful career grooming, training, showing and judging, which culminated in a Lifetime achievement award in 2019. Zoe has taught in college, and privately, which is her role today. She is the lead trainer and assessor at Look North and Director of the City and Guilds Approved Centre, Summit Groomer Training Group, together with Joanne Angus and Alison Thomas.

Zoe has a long list of competition wins including, Eurogroom, Scotgroom, ProGroom, Groomer Of The Year (GOTY), Irish Championships and Intergroom USA where she won a gold medal. At 20 years old, Zoe became the youngest groomer to win GOTY, which she achieved again in 2005 and 2008.

At the Oster Invitational Championships in Prague she became Grand European Champion, her highest grooming accolade. Zoe has been a member of the British Groom Team in the past years and one of the founder members of Groom Team England. Zoe is an enthusiastic groomer who is passionate about helping and teaching others to improve and further their skills. Zoe is the groomer many people aspire to emulate and her dedication and talent speak for themselves.

Kristian Maris - BIGA Honorary Member

Kristian is the Founder Chairman of The British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA) and, although not a pet groomer, he and his partner Martin started Just Barking, a successful dog grooming salon in West London. Kristian and Martin also created Dogs & Horses, one of the UK's leading dog accessory companies. He has written books, including The Dog Grooming Business Course and Amazon best-seller Howell's Code: the Joy and Duty of Dog Ownership.

A former officer in the Canadian Navy, Kristian was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada and at the University of Cambridge. Kristian is a frustrated thespian (he tread the boards in his youth, including once as Lord Baden-Powell in an unconventional Footlights pantomime.. ). Had there been money in it, Kristian would have loved nothing better than to exist as a minor character in never-ending West End stage productions of Noel Coward plays. Bless. Kristian and Martin live together in West London along with their many ungrateful dogs. 

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